Airline Growth Summit Awards Application

At InteliSys Aviation Systems, we are extremely  fortunate to work with so many astounding clients from around the world.

These airlines soar above and beyond by entering and shaking up well-established markets: experimenting with innovative ideas and strategies,  putting passengers before profits, demonstrating generosity and care for the communities they fly into, and so much more!

Does this sound like your airline or an airline you know? If so, we want to hear from you!

Tell us why your airline deserves to be recognized at this year’s Airline Growth Summit Banquet by submitting the following document along with any accompanying attachments to BEFORE October 1, 2018. We will also be accepting nominations by other airlines, partners, and third parties, so if you know an amazing InteliSys airline that deserves to be recognized, we want to hear from you!

Award Categories and Descriptions

𝥁 Most Innovative Airline Marketing Campaign

This award is presented to an InteliSys Airline client that has used their creativity and innovation over the past year to grow their exposure in their market, and increase ticket sales or ancillary revenue sales.  

𝥁 Humanitarian Excellence Award

This award was created to honour an airline that exemplifies generosity by going above and beyond just making a profit, and shows great care for the communities that they fly into.  

𝥁 Best Passenger Story Award

This award recognizes and honours an airline that received a very positive review from a satisfied passenger.

𝥁 Jock English Memorial Award for Supremacy in Customer Service

This award was created in honour of former InteliSys Aviation Systems CEO, Jock English. This award is given out to a deserving airline, who follows in Jock’s passion of putting others first and  providing exemplary customer service. The winner of this award will be an airline who receives a great deal of positive feedback for their customer service, and have passenger stories and specific instances  that demonstrate how they go above and beyond for their clients.

Apply in 3 Easy Steps

Applying for an award is simple, just follow these three easy steps!

When completed,  submit your final application to


  • 1. Tell us why your deserves to win this award? (airlines are invited to apply for more than one category). Examples are encouraged, the more specific the better.Please specify which category/ categories your airline is applying for from the above list and include this on your application.


  • 2. Gather links and attachments of any subsequent materials to aid your submission (customer reviews or campaign documents, pictures, videos, press releases, blog entries… anything that helps tell the story about why your airline is the deserving winner of the award!).


  • 3. Provide a brief 200 word biography of your airline


**Award winners are determined by a third party research and evaluation team, taking into consideration many factors such as online passenger feedback and reviews, growth and campaign successes, new routes launched, community fundraisers and involvement, internal initiatives, and more. This year, we are also opening up the awards process to our clients by inviting airlines to apply for the awards by telling us why they deserve to be recognized.**

Thank you for taking the time to apply!

Winners will be announced at the Airline Growth Summit Banquet
on the evening of: October 23, 2018


If you have any questions, please contact us at and we will respond as soon as possible.