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Airline Choice Airline Solutions, born out of client demand, supports airlines with solutions that help them navigate and control constantly changing regulatory and security requirements while providing a seamless passenger experience through their interactions during check in. Our extensive IT experience in the airline and logistics industries provides them with a unique perspective. Airline Choice consistently crafts systems that are not only responsive to clients’ demands but are also specifically designed to adapt to fast changing technological developments.  Our solutions are in place by over 40 airlines, ground handlers and airports around the globe providing mission critical solutions on a daily basis

Rockwell Collins is a pioneer in the development and deployment of innovative communication and aviation electronic solutions for both commercial and government applications. Our ARINC information management services offer seamless secure and reliable solutions to customers in the aviation & airport, rail and critical infrastructure sectors and enable mission-critical data and voice communications and management throughout the world.

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Travelport is a Travel Commerce Platform providing distribution, technology, payment, mobile and other solutions for the global travel and tourism industry. With a presence in approximately 180 countries, approximately 4,000 employees, our 2016 net revenue was over $2.3 billion.

Travelport is comprised of:

  • A Travel Commerce Platform through which it facilitates travel commerce by connecting the world’s leading travel providers with online and offline travel buyers in a proprietary business-to-business (B2B) travel marketplace.  Travelport has a leadership position in airline merchandising, hotel content and rate distribution, mobile travel commerce and a pioneering B2B payment solution that addresses the needs of travel intermediaries to efficiently and securely settle travel transactions.
  • Technology Services through which it provides critical IT services to airlines, such as shopping, ticketing, departure control and other solutions, enabling them to focus on their core business competencies and reduce costs.

Silver Sponsors

AirlinePros, the trade name of Air Promotion Group USA Inc., is a global leader in airline and travel representation. Originally contracted by the Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC), to bring international airlines into the United States Area Settlement Plan, AirlinePros was named ARC Partner of the Year in 2008, and recognized with the ARC Partnership Excellence Award in 2014.

AirlinePros provides ARC and BSP management services to build an airline’s distribution infrastructure and grow sales. General Sales Agency and Marketing services, as well as Pricing services are available for clients seeking a higher level of customization, and access to the firm’s skilled sales, marketing, and pricing professionals, elevating brand awareness and maximizing yield.

Kronos Airline Solutions counts with over 20 years of Revenue Accounting experience working with airlines worldwide, ranging from start-ups, legacy, low-cost and network carriers and provides the knowledge domain and the specialized resources capable of supporting our airline clients in their revenue accounting requirements.

Established as a corporation in 2013, Kronos has built a robust network of clients and strategic partners to provide a unique value proposition. Kronos’ results-driven approach bundles the latest airline technology suites together with the knowledge and execution skills of highly specialized personnel with a proven track record of delivering efficiency and concrete positive outcomes.

Our mission is to establish long-term relationships with our customers through a sustained delivery of high quality standards in our solutions and support.

We offer world-class quality services and solutions under very competitive commercial agreements. Our main focus is to achieve a high ROI and mitigate risks in the project execution for our clients.

Vmo Solutions is a Canadian-based software development company specializing in IT products for the aviation services industry. Vmo creates multi-platform applications for common aviation operations and is proud to offer OC, the industry’s first web-based airline operations management software tailored to regional airlines. OC manages all operations functions of an airline to optimize efficiency, ensure safety and maintain high-quality standards. From flight scheduling, management and tracking, to crew scheduling and planning, OC provides an all-in-one operational control solution for regional airlines.

Hahn Air is a German scheduled airline founded in 1994 and has specialised in distribution services for other airlines since 1999. As the world’s largest company of its kind, Hahn Air covers 190 markets and cooperates with more than 300 air, rail and shuttle partners and over 95,000 travel agencies. Its network of HR Ticketing Centres includes 5,000 agencies worldwide that receive additional benefits. Hahn Air’s services are exclusive to transportation partners and travel agents and are not offered directly to travellers.

Every year millions of passengers travel between 4,000 airports using Hahn Air tickets. Hahn Air is the first and only airline worldwide that offers free and comprehensive insolvency insurance coverage for all of its partners’ transport services.

Although not well known among the general public, Hahn Air is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and a globally connected stakeholder playing a leading role in the airline industry.

Aviator revenue management software is used by 40 airlines worldwide to increase flight revenue.  Aviator has been especially configured to take advantage of ameliaRES and has been favored by InteliSys airlines for the past 8 years.  Contact Maxamation, the proud creators of Aviator, to learn more about maximizing your flight revenue.